Craft Room Tour 2019

Craft Room Tour 2019

Today I’m sharing a quick video tour of my craft room. We moved a few months back and this is what my creative space looks like now. I still have some more things in my room that I would like to accomplish but for now this works. Thanks for watching!

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  1. wow. Nicely organized new craft room! What a dream collection of Graphic 45 stuff! I can’t wait for the Halloween stuff! yay! So much fun! I think a small rug might cut down the echo a bit. 🙂 Just a teenie tiny suggestion. 🙂 Love your work! Would love to take one of your classes someday!

  2. Thank you for sharing your awesome craft room. What a beautiful and organized space! If I had to separate the brands I use, I would need the whole house!! My favorite part is seeing your projects displayed.

  3. Welcome to Arizona. I also live here and have black shelving. good luck with the dust! So happy you are here and looking forward to taking one of your classes.

  4. love your new room, and KNOW how wonderful it is to have it organized just the way you want. I went from the concrete UP with my own Craft Room last November, and the sheer joy of having things RIGHT where you reach from them. I especially love the way you organized your kits. I LOVE clear bins too. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi Ginger, What a fun peek into your world! Your craft rooms are fabulous! Now when I watch your videos I will be able to picture you in your space. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes for happiness in your new home!

  6. What a GREAT Stamp room. Can you let me know where you got those clear Tote. Sure do miss your Class. If and when you come to our area close that I can drive will you PLERASE let me know. Thanks Ginger

  7. Wow, I always thought you had a store. You have an incredible amount of G45. I love it too! I had a problem storing my Copics on end. The ink puddled out of a few. They were brand new. Congratulations on your new house!

  8. Your awesome craft room is a “suite”. Love it. Can’t wait to see the future projects that will come out of there. Thanks so much Ginger.

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