Graphic 45 Typography Pocket Folio Book Tutorial

Graphic 45 Typography Pocket Folio Book Tutorial

Today I want to share a tutorial with you on how I created my Graphic 45 Typography Pocket Folio Book. Enjoy!!

YouTube link

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  1. This is what sets you apart from others. Ginger, thank you so much for your tutorials. I appreciate you so much. You ask for nothing and all of us get so much. The mini is fabulous and now on to the tutorial!

  2. Ginger, thank you so much for sharing this with us. You are so detailed in your instructions and always a pleasure to see all the beautiful work you do. You are much appreciated!!

  3. Hi, I love your tutorial but I was wondering, do you have a printed instructions for personal use on Typography Pocket Foliobook (I really like this one) or on any other books that you make. Do you charge for them?

    Maryanne Blahey

  4. Regarding my last message to you. Was to let you know the reason why I wanted the written instruction is that I am hearing impaired. The books that you make are awesome. Have a good day!

    Maryanne Blahey

  5. I always enjoy your videos-you are so generous with your time showing how these mini’s are made. Thank you so much!

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