Bo Bunny Kiss the Cook Recipe Folio

Bo Bunny Kiss the Cook Recipe Folio

Hey everyone! Yes, I’m sharing yet another Recipe Folio. I used the really awesome Bo Bunny Kiss the Cook collection. I’ve had this collection for awhile now, but was waiting for just the right project and I think this Folio is perfect for this collection.

Bo Bunny Kiss tjhe Cook Recipe Folio

Check out the video for a view of the inside! Thanks for watching!

YouTube link

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  1. Ginger, love all your recipe albums, but this is the cutest one yet! I joined the coffee talk group on Facebook and found the tutorials for this album. Unfortunately because the tutorials or two hours I can’t get any of them to download or play. What was your trick for getting the videos to play?

    Would you sometime be willing to email me the dimensions of the recipe album. Cover, spines, pockets. I might be able to figure out how to construct one if I can’t get the Videos to download or play.

    Also it may say in the video but where do you purchase the plastic recipe card sleeves? Thanks for any help you can send my way!

    Your tutorials are really the best in the craft world! Many thanks and much gratitude, Lee

  2. Yeah! Finally was able to steam Tamara’s Saucy Recipe album videos on FB just not with my iPad. Did you make any changes to her directions? Hinge for the plastic recipe sleeves work well without the gussets? This is the most amazing recipe folio!

    Thanks for sharing all of your fabulous recipe albums and terrific tutorials! If you are giftingthe albums, then someone will be very fortunate to be on the receiving end! Thank you so much Ginger… have a wonderful Mother’s Day! ❤️

  3. Is there a way I may download this to my computer so I can do it when I am off line — or would I be allowed to 🙂

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