Graphic 45 Large Policy Envelope Mini Album

Graphic 45 Large Policy Envelope Mini Album

Hey everyone! Today I want to share a mini album that I created using the Graphic 45 Large Policy Envelopes and then Graphic 45 DIY craft paper. This project came together really quick! Thanks for watching!

YouTube link

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  1. Hi Ginger,
    Love the album, as usual! What type of binding did you use to attach the envelopes? Looks different from what I’ve seen on your blog.


  2. I think I have tried making every style mini album you have shared on your blog! This will be a new one for me. Can you explain what binding system you used for the pages? This is adorable!

  3. Ginger, your videos always make my day. This one is wonderful! I have a question about the binding, too. Do you have a tutorial on how you added the envelopes? Thanks for sharing your talents.

  4. Ginger this video is awesome! I love this cute mini! Love the cream/red colors… they mesh so well together…. really like the policy envelopes versus pockets! It’s a nice change up. Thanks for sharing!

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