Graphic 45 Artisan Style ATC Book Box Mini Album

Graphic 45 Artisan Style ATC Book Box Mini Album

Hello everyone! Today I have a project to share with you. To create this project I used the beautiful Graphic 45 Artisan Style 8×8 paper pad and the Graphic 45 ATC Book Box. Thanks for watching!

YouTube link

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  1. This is simply beautiful, what a talent you are to come up with these unique ideas and then have them turn out so perfect!

  2. Amazing. I love the box with the tags. Truly an inspiration. I’ve wanted to do a box album but could not find a way that made sense to me. This is perfect. Thanks for sharing and providing your spin on the concept.

  3. I just watched the You Tube video for the Graphic 45 Artisian Style ATC Book Box Mini Album and want to thank you for sharing! I purchased the Artisian paper and can’t wait to try making this project.

  4. Ginger you just keep coming up with more and more great projects. I wish I could keep up and make all of them. I really like this idea and might have to give it a go. thanks for sharing your awesome creations I just love them. I am so glad you are on the graphic 45 design team. They are lucky to have you!!

  5. it is me again ginger love your box mini but can you show how you did the hinge please you are so talented lady

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