Graphic 45 Raining Cats and Dogs Explosion Box Mini Album

Graphic 45 Raining Cats and Dogs Explosion Box Mini Album

Hello everyone! My niece contacted me and asked if I could create something for her daughters thirteenth birthday. She wanted a “time capsule” in which her daughters friends could write little notes and they could be saved and then given back to her daughter when she turned twenty one. So this is what I came up with! It’s a take in an explosion box. I created the box out of medium weight chipboard and then attached a pocket style mini album to the inside. I really like how it turned out and the best thing is so did my niece and her daughter!

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  1. Ginger, your creativity amazes me once again. This is an incredible and new take on the explosion box and I just love it!!
    Thanks for all the wonderful creations you share.

  2. WOW…that is one gorgeous box and mini. What a great idea your Niece had. The paper collection is wonderful, I love the box top……well, I love it all, from top to bottom! You are one talented lady and I am so glad you share with all of us to keep us inspired!
    Super Cute!

  3. Beautiful project. What a fantastic idea. I hope you don’t mind if I try to replicate this for my great niece’s 10th birthday.

  4. I am always impressed beyond words with your creations. Wonderful idea and such a lovely thing to do. That G45 collection is one of my favorites. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  5. Love it ! I have a niece that will be turning 16 and she would love one of these. Will you be doing a tutorial? Hope so. Thanks for all your incredible projects…..

  6. Hi Ginger; I don’t see the comment that I left previously. Anyway, really hoping that you will do a tutorial on this box. I’d like to make one for a gift.
    Beautiful work as always!!

  7. This is beautiful! Love the addition of her name on the dangling charms. It’s hard to tell – is this a mini-mini inside a small explosion box or is it larger? It looks as if the box is around 5-6″ but camera angles can mislead you.

    Also want to say thank you for sharing all of your amazing work – you are the one person I turn to over and over again for inspiration and your tutorials are amazing. Thank you.

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