Recollections Surfs Up Mini Album

Recollections Surfs Up Mini Album

Hello everyone. My daughter and her husband took a vacation to Maui. Here’s the mini album I created for them using the Recollections Surfs Up paper stack. I used a tutorial from Kathy Orta. I needed a mini album that would hold a bunch of pictures and this mini album from Kathy does the trick.

YouTube link

Thanks for watching!

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  1. I love the size of your mini album, wow holds a ton of pics! It’s beautiful Ginger, they will absolutely love it!!!

  2. Thanks for showing an album with pictures in it! Your albums are so nice themselves, i couldn’t imagine what they might look like with pictures. Great colors! I think I’ll go check out the Build a Page site!

  3. You’re right, your daughter is gorgeous, they make a handsome couple!
    I just love that you shared this one, I often wondered what it looks like to cover up beautiful paper with photo’s…LOL…I know, that is the intention! I just make the album and either give it away or it sits on my shelf and to actually see photo’s in one is wonderful!. I love the mini and love how many photo’s it holds, and of course your skill of making all the pages flow so nicely!
    You truly are one huge talent and your daughter is one lucky girl!

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