Echo Park Sweet Day Mini Album

Echo Park Sweet Day Mini Album

Hello everyone! Today I have another mini album to share. I created this using the Echo Park Sweet Day Collection.

YouTube link

Thanks for watching!!

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  1. That is so cute. You always amaze me with your talent!! Could there possibly be a tutorial πŸ™‚ !! Thanks for sharing!!


    • I was hoping for a tutorial of this oh so cute Gate-Fold mini. I am a newbie to handmade albums from the beginning of this year. Your tutorials have become an essential for my learning new skills in construction and materials. Methane you for sharing all your creative ideas and providing the best instructional tutorials, for free! Thank you.

    • Hi! I love the work that you do. Your albums are so nice and neat. I’m trying to do the sweet day mini, but I’m not sure how to do the back under the flap. Also do you cover any of the card stock in between the covers on the inside? Thank you. Becky

  2. Loving the new mini album….would love to see a tutorial for it!!!
    Your last tutorial of the Vertical Paper Bag Album was AWESOME!!!
    My 2 girlfriends came over and we did it together and then I made a second one on my own and everyone that sees it is just amazed by it….I give credit to you for an awesome tutorial and for being so creative!!!! Keep up the great work….

  3. Hi Ginger,
    What a darling mini-album. You are so creative. Would love to see a tutorial for this. I love the large photo areas on this album. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I agree with the other comments that I would love to see a tutorial for this album. Really enjoy following your blog. Thanks for sharing and inspiring πŸ™‚

  5. please, please, please share your talent with us and create a tutorial for this lovely mini album… Like always I love your work.

    thanks in advance

  6. Ginger,
    My daughter’s best friend is moving and I would love to make her this sweet mini album. Would you please make a tutorial video? Your instructions for the vertical album were so clear and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing your creations.

  7. Wow! What a wonderful mini album! I love all of the pages that are alternated & w/ pull outs. You did a great job & it’s so colorful, too! I’m w/ everyone else, wanting a tutorial! Thanks for sharing your project.

  8. What a cute mini Ginger! I love the gatefold style and you know we will all want to see a tutorial or step by step like the other one. lol I guess you will need to start charging us! lol Great job my friend!

  9. Is this 6×6 pages, or 6×6 total size? I think between these posts and the youtube posts (comments) there are 1237 requests for a tutorial so you have to do a tutorial. LOL!
    Beautiful album, great craftsmanship, talented you!

  10. You have become my “go to” blog for ideas and techniques. Thanks so much for making everything clear and inspiring! I’m having a hard time finding magnets appropriate for minis- can you help? where do you get yours?

  11. Wow, this album is an amazing mini! I love how all the details, and it all flows together so nicely because you used the same paper pack throughout. Really beautiful!

  12. Oh Ginger this is fantastic!!! I love this paper, I have this collection and now I cannot wait to use it! Can you please email me the directions on how you made this mini and most of all, how you made that watefall mini album of the instagram poloroid tabs in the beginning? I love that!!!! Thanks!


  13. I realy love this mini album. Especially the polaroids. Could you please tell me how you made that wattefal?

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  14. I love the mini album and appreciate your sharing via your video. Do you have a quick ref on dimensions (other than 6×6), layout, etc.? I’m making beginning of school gifts for teachers and would love to use this idea. Thank you again and I look forward to your updates and response. Be blessed as you have blessed me :O)

  15. Hi I really adore your mini album, it’s very different from what I’ve seen before and I’d like to try making one. I would love to see this tutorial if you don’t mine please :))) Thank you. Dindha ^^

  16. I love love your tutorial. You are my inspiration. I tried to find you tutorial but no luck. Can you email me the how to for this album? Thanks

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