Paintbrush Santa Ornaments

Paintbrush Santa Ornaments
Paintbrush Santa Ornaments

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays! I spent a day crafting with some friends and we created some cute little paintbrush Santa ornaments. These are really easy and look cute on the tree!

Paintbrush Santa Ornaments

The large paintbrush is 3 inches wide and the other two are 2 inches wide. I purchased really inexpensive paintbrushes and painted the handles red. I added buttons for the eyes and nose. On one of the smaller Santa’s I added google eyes and on the larger Santa I used a wooden knob that was painted red for the nose. I added some fibers to the top part of the paintbrush and added some ribbon at the top.

Paintbrush Santa Ornaments 1

Paintbrush Santa Ornaments 2

Paintbrush Santa Ornaments 3

To make the one Santas’ beard white I just dipped it in some white paint and let it dry.

Thanks for looking! Have a great week!

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