Cricut Circle Swarm – Off to Salt Lake City

Cricut Circle Swarm – Off to Salt Lake City

Yes, It’s true!!! I’m off on a road trip with the hubs to Salt Lake City. I am soooo excited.

Provocraft is having their very first Cricut Circle Swarm and I got a ticket to attend this awesome event.  It is going to be so much fun. Hubby and I left this afternoon and here we are at our first stop in Hermiston, Oregon.

Here’s a picture of my calling card.

Calling Card MSS

This is how they identify us for prizes and other goodies. We each got to come up with our own design. So this was mine… I think I have about 100. (not yet finished, working on them in the hotel room.)

I had my original ones completed and ready to go then after searching the message board over at I saw photos of some of the other circlets and decided this morning I needed to do something different. So, yes I’m flying by the seat of my pants. LOL!

There are some fun swaps that will take place at the Swarm. There’s a ribbon swap, a tag swap, and treats. My tags are all completed, and here’s a picture.

CSS Tag Small

And my ribbon is almost ready. (yep, gonna have to cut it in the car while we are driving tomorrow.)

The plan is to arrive in Salt Lake City tomorrow afternoon with my calling cards completed! Then it’s off to a fun dinner with other Circle members.

Well, better get to bed, gotta get up early and hit the road tomorrow!

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