Ginger Profile PicHello, my name is Ginger. I’ve been married for twenty something years (after twenty, who counts anymore?) to a man who tries to keep me in balance. I’m still a work in progress.

My niece got me started scrapbooking in 2003, however, I didn’t get seriously addicted until my first grand child, AJ, was born three years later.

Now I have two beautiful grand children and love to scrap pictures of them. I really like doing mini books, however after AJ was born I began to focus on 12×12 layouts. She loves to look at the pages in her “books” and especially likes her new “Florida” book, which has pictures of her first trip to Disney World where she got to meet the princesses.

I have four sisters and only one is into scrapbooking. Whenever a gift is needed, my sisters contact me to make a “little” scrapbook for them to give out; hence the name, My Sisters Scrapper.

I’ve now put my focus back to mini books. They’re so much fun to do and great for capturing a special “event” or holiday. Love them!

Scrapbooking for me is a great stress release and I wish there was more time in the day. I try to use what current supplies I have, yet being a paper addict is a little tricky for me and keeps my husband shaking his head. He’s still trying to figure out why I need so much stuff!

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  1. I loved the name of your website when I came acrossed it and immediately texted my sister that there is actually someone just as wonderful as me! (LOL) My sister is a mother of four younger children and I have two grown sons. Hence, I get to scrapbook all of her kids because she’s so busy chasing after them! She has two daughters so it’s fun for me because, having only sons myself, I actually get to use pink and flowers and sparkle! Love your projects!

  2. Loved your Valentine album. I learned to make these albums from your tutorials. You do a wonderful job at teaching. They are very easy to follow and have inspired me to make 7 albums so far, two Victorian, one baby (with request for more), 3 Halloween (including one for myself) and one cookbook, that will hold 85 recipes. I designed and made recipe cards for this album (which is a gift for my daughter and new husband). Valentine’s will have to be my next album. I love the paper bag albums !!!

  3. Love your books, love your tutorials! I found your videos on YouTube and now, can’t wait to see new ideas and designs from you. Thanks for sharing with us. Would live to attend one if you classes, but I’m in Louisiana and you’re usually pretty far away. Maybe one day! Who knows.

  4. I love your layouts and projects you create…I’m tyring to locate a consultant to ve a vendor for a few of my scrapbok retreats I hae comig up. We are in VA, MD, PA, TN, SC, MD et.

  5. I love the mini album and box you created with the fairie dust g45 paper collection. You wouldn’t be chance have a tutorial of the album and box set would you? I would a tutorial like it.

  6. Hello,
    Love you tutorials and I am seriously trying to follow your instructions to a T. I am making an 8×8 album and want to make a waterfall effect on a page…how big should the waterfall flaps be? Is there a formula for figuring that out?

    I love your folio projects…and I spend a lot of time watching your videos (sometimes even at work!) Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  7. So thrilled to see the video’s of the classes you are offering at Scraps of Love in Peoria, AZ. Myself and 2 great girlfriends are flying out from South Dakota to take all three of these classes! Thanks so much for giving us an idea of what we will be making, we are MORE that excited to meet you and take these 3 classes from you….looking forward to it!

  8. Thank you for being my gateway to mini album crafting! I have honestly just started doing this after having been cardmaking for a few years, and it has me wanting to create new layouts and play with different types of add-ons… I have really enjoyed the fact that cardmaking has led me to this activity, as it’s been a really natural transition. And yes, I also have friends who want a little something to give as a gift, so it’s been a useful skill to have! LOL
    Thanks again for the tutorials and walkthroughs and all the inspiration.

  9. Hey BABY…….I miss you!!!!! Hope your day is going to be an EXTRA SPARKLY one…..Ool I’ll be there right with you soon so buck up buttercup….we be old but we be awesome!!!!!!!!!

    love and huggers fromIdaho babe…….

  10. Hello Ms Gingerrrrr! I was first introduced to you thru the Spring Folio class in the virtual space during Covid this year. Of course I fell in LUV with your style and creative mini book goodness. I too have a gift album ministry (in my retirement now) and you’re absolutely right! It’s a nice way to bless others and create a forever keepsake for them. Came across a second Ginger Ropp class in my online searches and of course I registered right awayyyyyyy (June 9)…can’t wait! Tyou for teaching us so well! Happy Tuesday from the Great Smokies (in TN)! y

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