Ginger Profile PicHello, my name is Ginger. I’ve been married for twenty something years (after twenty, who counts anymore?) to a man who tries to keep me in balance. I’m still a work in progress.

My niece got me started scrapbooking in 2003, however, I didn’t get seriously addicted until my first grand child, AJ, was born three years later.

Now I have two beautiful grand children and love to scrap pictures of them. I really like doing mini books, however after AJ was born I began to focus on 12×12 layouts. She loves to look at the pages in her “books” and especially likes her new “Florida” book, which has pictures of her first trip to Disney World where she got to meet the princesses.

I have four sisters and only one is into scrapbooking. Whenever a gift is needed, my sisters contact me to make a “little” scrapbook for them to give out; hence the name, My Sisters Scrapper.

I’ve now put my focus back to mini books. They’re so much fun to do and great for capturing a special “event” or holiday. Love them!

Scrapbooking for me is a great stress release and I wish there was more time in the day. I try to use what current supplies I have, yet being a paper addict is a little tricky for me and keeps my husband shaking his head. He’s still trying to figure out why I need so much stuff!

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  1. I love your mini albums. I would like to know where you get your eyelets and attachments for your books from.

    • Thanks! I get my extra large eyelets from a local scrapbook store, however you cna get them online at I use hairbands from the dollar store to bind my mini albums so they will lay flat. Hope that helps! Ginger

  2. Hi Ginger, didn’t you have a Grapic 45 album Magic of Oz on line about a week ago?? It was a gate album. I can’t find it now. Where would it be???

  3. Hi Ginger!
    I discovered you casually through youtube. I saw your dinosaure’s paper bag mini album. I loved it. I just want to thank-you for showing it to the world. I’m just a beginner in scrapbooking and I watch a lot of works in the net to learn and stimulate my creativity, and works like yours are a great inspiration! I’d like to watch a tutorial about it to make something different but with the same structure. Could I?
    Thank-you again, Ginger.
    Sorry for my English. I’m catalan and have very few opportunities to practice my English.

    • Thanks for the nice comments! I learned how to construct this mini album by watching a video series on You Tube from Kathy Orta. All of her videos are amazing! Hope this helps! Hugs, Ginger

  4. it was SO fun spending time scrapping next to you on Saturday 1/7 at Sherrie’s 12 hour event. I look forward to spending more time together and getting a chance to know you better!

    Barb Halverson

  5. I love all your mini albums. Is there someplace on your site that gives measurements to assemble the chip board part of the album or are they pre assembled? I am very new to mini album making and usually need more directions than most people. Or is there someone’s site that can help me with the assembly part of these albums

  6. Hi Ginger,

    I love your baby boy paper bag mini album. Do you have a tutorial on how to assembly this mini? I noticed that there are not flaps in this mini. How did you do that?



  7. Hi Ginger, (That’s my sister’s name, too!)
    I just wanted to write and let you know that I LOVE your mini albums! They are emaculate and I hope to be that good one day! I just recently started making mini albums and I must say that yours are the most inspiring! I’ve watched a lot of your youtube videos and I just would love to know how you are so precise with everything!? Your pages are always so perfectly even and straight and your photomats always have an even border and are just lovely. The creativity that goes into each one of your pages and covers is incredible. I would love some tips if you have any to offer. :)
    Take Care and keep creating!!
    Amber :)

  8. Hey Ginger,

    I’ve just started watching your videos and I’m loving them already :) I want to do scrapbooking for a hobby and I look at your videos for inspiration! However, here in Singapore, there is really very little scrapbooking stores and if there are, I can’t find them. I absolutely love your mini albums and your little pockets are so PERFECT! You have so much creativity and you match the stickers and tags with the card stocks so well ^^ Also, the way you use Cricut is incredible and it always turns out AWESOME!

    This is just an enquiry but I hope you’ll answer this: Are you selling these mini-albums worldwide? Cos I would want to buy if you do. :D

    Don’t stop what you are doing cos you’re an inspiration t0 many, including myself. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Yuki <333

  9. Hi Ginger:
    I found your tutorial on the vertical paperbag mini. Loved it.
    I am currently working on one for my sister in law with the Bo Bunny Serenity and some from the Graphic 45 Bird song paper. It is coming along very nice.
    Your work is lovely.
    Thank you for the inspiration and keep it coming.

  10. hello
    first of all, apologize for my bad English. Second congratulate you on your work scrap. I have discovered by accident … and is a joy to see your work, tutorials … I’m in love with your minialbums … I’m from Menorca (Spain) and there’s not much love for the scrap .. and therefore any store that sells the material for scrap. fortunately are online stores where you buy the item.

    the other day watching some tutorials yours, I saw that you used two collections that I loved, but I can not find them to buy them. Can you tell me where the could buy?? One is the collection Timeless / DCWV and Recollections other is and is called “today, tomorrow, forever”.

    Anyway, I follow your blog and your youtube channel … and you’re an artist!!

    • ships internationally, probably not cheap, but they carry DCWV. Hope that might help you, welcome to the world of scrapbooking!

  11. Hi, Ginger.
    Have just discovered you on youtube! I’m from England and love to look at the different ways of scrapbooking from further afield! My interest at the moment is mini albums and that’s how I discovered your Apple Cider mini album video on youtube. I love it! I’d love to have a go at making one for my brother and his new wife for their first anniversary in July, but I’m not sure how to go about making the spine and attaching the pages! Is there a tutorial I could watch/read to help me? Love your website, too, by the way! Thanks, Rachel

    • To Rachel Gray: I too just watched Ginger’s videos and love them! Her Apple Cider binding method she called “stack the deck”. It’s a different sort of technique. I just watched a video the other day on a stack the deck binding but now can’t remember where it was! If you search YouTube for that type of binding, you should be able to find some tutorials on that method.

      • Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail did a tutorial a couple of years ago on her channel. That’s where I learned how to create it. I do show how to do the stack the deck binding in my Vertical Paper Bag Mini Album Series as well as my Vertical TP Mini Album Tutorial.

  12. I found you site on you tube haves learn so much. Check it on a daily bases. That’s for sharing you talent. You are truly gifted and make me want to scrap more. Tell your husband my husband can’t figure out my love for paper either,but loves the mini books I have maxed because of you… Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  13. Hi Ginger you are the bomb, everything you make is beautiful I am so inspired by you. I am hoping That one day I can do a swap with one of your creativity. I have been scrapboooking for many years, I just don’t know how to go in to all this tube and all that.. I barely have a email..hehe… But I am looking forward to hear from you. Thank you

  14. Love your work. Thanks for all the information and inspiration. PS: I finally read here how you got your “screen” name. Very clever.

  15. Ginger

    Thanks to you and Kathy Orta I have finally found my real love and that’s scrapbooking minis you are both amazing. I can scrap for days except my dogs want to eat and life calls. Thanks for all your inspiration and for making me believe that I too can be as good as my two idols.

  16. Hello, Girlfriend,
    Love to browse your site. Thank you for sharing your God-given gifts with the rest of us. Love the stories you share about your grandchildren….precious.

  17. Love your albums and tutorials. I have done scrapbooks with all of your tutorials. I’m hoarding Graphic 45 Secret Garden waiting for inspiration. Any ideas?

  18. Ginger

    Bundle of Joy mini album you said you would do a tutorial on it
    I have everything and am just waiting on you. My real question is
    Should I try it on my own or are you really going to do a tutorial.
    Love all your mini albums you are so exact that’s what I’m working
    On. Thanks for all the inspiration . Melody

  19. Hey Ginger,
    I love your work and tutorials. You are so fluid and comprehensible. I also like how you are conscientious about the environment and how much waste a paper may or may not make. Keep it going, you are extremely talented and relatable.
    Thumbs up from San Francisco!

  20. I have bought papers, embellishments oh and ribbons, actually lots of ribbons!! I constantly bring them out and back they go. The reason is, I am just not clever enough to produce these masterpieces that are all over the Internet . However Ginger, goodness knows how I found your web site (not too hot on the u tube thing either ha ha) but I am totally hooked you make it possible for people like me to get going. So thank you verymuch. I will add that I am going to write down how to find you!
    Love Jen

  21. Hi Ginger,
    I found you on youtube and ever since I’m always checking for your new videos.
    I love your work! You are of my favorites scrappers out there and I have to tell you have learned a lot from you.
    I’m more of a painter and since last year started to get into scrapbooking… and I’m loving it every time more and more.
    Thank you for sharing!

  22. Ginger, I love your work. I am wondering where you get your chip board from and what thickness you prefer? I have other questions for you, I’d love to see you do a basic question answer type video where you answer some of your most common questions.
    Thanks, Dina

  23. Ginger, I found my way here via your YouTube tutorials. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love your tutorials! I really appreciate the workmanship and pride you put into your beautiful albums and the video quality makes your tutorials so approachable (so many folks have great ideas out there, but the messy/yucky work spaces in some and the horrid video quality really turn me off). I love learning new techniques, and since I love the ‘look’ of your pages, I’ve gotten a lot out of them. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

  24. I was looking for some one talented to put to gather a mini book that will show of our beautiful flower and paper. I was just wondering if you would like to be a spotlight designer! I would provide the supplies but would need the book shipped ton me so I can get it in our blog.

  25. I am so inspired by you amazing work. Your tutorials are right on. Thank-you!!! I am new to scrapbooking and card making and have some questions for you… how do you cut the chipboard, what weight do you use and where do you get your Graphic 45 paper and Bo Bunny? Thank for all you do. You are one of the best and most comprehensive on you tube. I too,love paper and ink and stamps.

    • Thanks. I cut my chipboard with a guillotine style paper cutter. I use medium weight chipboard that I purchase online from Amazon. I try to buy my Graphic 45 papers and Bo Bunny papers at my local scrapbook store.

  26. I just found your tutorials through Pinterest. Love, Love, Love them. You explain everything so well and I love how neat/clean your “in progress projects” are in the videos. Also you don’t do the whole project in 1 video…which gives us all time to absorb the info you give us.
    I”m definitely going to try a mini scrapbook…your awesome videos convinced me I no longer have to be afraid to create one.
    Appreciate your talent…Thank you…

  27. Hi Ginger,
    Thank you so much for the mini album tutorial!! You make the projects so easy to follow and all your projects are beautiful!! I do have one question though, I finished my first mini album and when I inserted the photo cards into the envelopes, about three eighths of an inch stuck out. I think the inserts rest against the hinges. Did I miss a step or the directions for this. I am hoping it is something easy to fix.
    Again thank you!

  28. Hi, Ginger! I feel like I’ve been ‘stalking’ you lately! LOL I am so in love with all your projects, and, the way you make me feel at ease to try and recreate what you show. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing like you do!! I, and, many others evidently, am so thankful to you.
    I do have a question, though.
    I was wondering if you have already, or would consider doing a mini album with the STORYTIME dsp that is on SU’s clearance rack right now. Love all the opportunity for ‘cut-aparts’ with that. Also, have you done anything with the old Beau Chateau that SU carried awhile back. Wish SU would start doing more with matching accessory kits, like some of the other companies are doing so well, right now.
    Thanks, Ginger.
    Have a great weekend! SherryBee

  29. Hi Ginger. I have recently discovered you on YouTube. I used to scrap, but stopped for a while and recently got back into it. Just wanted to say that your books are so fresh and neat. I love them and watch your tutorials to learn. I had a question and that is, if you know, how does one know what to charge for custom scrapbooks if someone wanted one made? I may get into it and I’m not familiar with that part.

    Thank you.

  30. Austalian fan.
    Just wanted to know if the papers are still available for the babygirl mini album. If so, where do I get them from online.
    Are you still a stampin up consultant?

  31. Hello Ginger, thank you so much for the scrapbook videos! I am just getting my feet in the water and your tutorials are simply fabulous, very easy to follow and extremely helpful. I have already completed two books. I suspect there will be many more to come. Thank you for taking your time and sharing your passion for scrapbooking!

  32. Ginger I love to scrapbook.You have such a good eye for paper. Your scrapbooks are the best. Thanks for sharing your talent. God bless. Enjoy watching you videos.

  33. Dear Ginger,
    I love your videos! Your mini albums are always interesting and beautiful to look at.
    I go to your site about once a week to look at you creations.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.


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