Graphic 45 File Folder Mini Album Tutorial – Part 1

Graphic 45 File Folder Mini Album Tutorial – Part 1

Here is part one of the file folder mini album tutorial! Enjoy! All of the measurements are listed below.

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chipboard front/back cover 6×8-1/2
chipboard spine 2-1/2 x 8-1/2

cardstock pages 8-1/4 x 11 scored at 5-1/4 (6)
hinge 8-1/8 x 11
cardstock for long pocket 3×9-1/4 (6)
inside front/back pockets 4-1/2 x 7

to create the top and bottom tabs for the pages on the punch board the measurement is 3 inches
to create the middle tab for the pages on the punch board the measurement is 2-3/4

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  1. Another beauty – thanks so much. The only question I have is – I have a terrible time cutting the chipboard. It usually comes out ragged and the edges are awful (I know they get hidden but ..) How do you cut yours?

  2. I question is: you only apply score tape to one section of the 1/2 score space? I am not able to find 3/8 inch score tape. Will another size work?

    • has free shipping over $75 for USA and Canada. They even have a bundle of 5 different sizes and you save 10.25%. All their rolls are 27 yards. It’s the best.

  3. I’m so excited and SO SO grateful for your tutorials. Can’t wait to make one of these albums…you make it easy!!!! When are you coming back to Medical Lake for more teaching?

  4. Love your teaching method. The Kraft cardstock that you get at Hobby Lobby is it the light weight or the heavy weight. Thank you.

    • Thanks, I’m not sure of the weight. I know they have black and ivory in a heavyweight but I think the kraft doesn’t list a weight on the package. I checked another pack that I had and the weight isn’t listed.

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