Graphic 45 Rare Oddities Mini Album

Graphic 45 Rare Oddities Mini Album

Hello everyone! I am super excited to share my project with you today. This is a design team project for ButterBee Scraps Artistic Treasures.  I paired Monique’s awesome metal pieces with the gorgeous Graphic 45 Rare Oddities paper collection. I really like how it turned out.

YouTube link

ButterBee Scraps Artistic Treasures Supply List

Leaves 150-B

Black Eyelets

Gold filigree 005-G

Mini gears 

Filigree 676-B

Charms – Haunted Hallows

Rhinestone charms

Corners 546-B

Ball chain CH830-B

Filigree 810-B

Filigree 553-B

Bronze Dimensional Flower 7635-B

Filigree 810-B

Bronze Butterfly

Bronze Bee J836-B

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  1. I didn’t catch the part about how you made the file folders for this album? Did you use a die? I really like this album….could you send me an email or comment reply please?

  2. Gorgeous album! I see you used the hidden hinge binding. Did you attach a file folder on each side of the hinge? Or 1/2 of a file folder on each side of a hinge? Love the use of the file folders as pages but can’t see how you actually bound them to the hinge. Thanks for the info.

  3. What an awesome album and so much it. I’m with Nancy (previous post) that I don’t understand how to attach the pages to the hidden hinge. Thanks.

  4. I love this paper and the size of your album. I am with the rest of the gals who commented on how to make a file folder and attach it to the hidden hinge. Hoping there will be a tutorial coming soon?!!

  5. I love what you made, but I would like to see how you made the file folders and how you attached them to the album. So very clever. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you will be sharing more about the album’s construction very soon.

  6. Another one I missed….and this is a gorgeous one…..How about a tutorial, have not made a mini in some time but this one interests me! I love, absolutely love your pages and front cover!

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