Pocket Page Mini Album Tutorial Series – Final Review

Pocket Page Mini Album Tutorial Series – Final Review

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by! Here is the completed mini album from the Pocket Page Mini Album Tutorial Series.

YouTube link

I enjoyed creating this mini album and I hope you did too. I would love to see everyone’s mini albums!

Thanks again!

Here is the link to the Lavish Laces Etsy store.

Here is the link to ButterBee Scraps Zibbett store.

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  1. Thank you so much Ginger, now I know how to make the little tag pockets and the differrents flaps. I am a fan of your work. I will have projects to keep me busy. thank you for sharing your talent

  2. Ginger, I would like to thank you for your wonderful tutorials. I just finished the pocket page mini and down loaded it to you tube. I also did your vertical paper bag mini’s.
    Your work is beautiful.
    Claudia Paesano

  3. I really wanted to tell you that your tutorials have really helped me to get up the nerve to want to begin album making. I have spent so much money on decorative items, lace, trim, chip board, metal and who knows what…I just never get started on the books. I am close now. I have always been very artistic…VERY artistic especially anything with paper and decorating items. I really look forward to starting my first album. I promise to send you images when it is complete. Thanks so much for being descriptive yet quick about the tutorials…your explanations are wonderful. I just hope that you do more short tutorials on the insides of your albums. Like waterfalls and other things. You are easier to follow and more pleasant to watch and listen to. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Ginger I love watching your video I started watching your video last December ..I love pictures ,scrapbooking and doing mini albums is fun,but sad to say some material I need it’s not available here in Manila…but il try my best I’m a mom with one 7yrs old daughter ,hope to see new videos…
    Love it….take care

  5. Thank you Ginger for your wonderful and easy to understand tutorial on the mini album…I watched the entire series in one setting! Now to play tomorrow…oh, guess it is tomorrow already…sleep, then play! I greatly appreciate your creativity…

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