Graphic 45 Playtimes Past Mini Album

Graphic 45 Playtimes Past Mini Album

Hello everyone! Here is a super quick pocket mini album using an older collection from Graphic 45 called Playtimes Past.

YouTube link

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hi Ginger
    Love your work, amazed at your energy! Please can you tell me the page sizes you use for your mini album? Many thanks.

  2. Your mini albums are just darling and very creative. I love your vids on utube. I have one question and thought you could guide me …How do you get your photo mats to be so sturdy? Mine are only as sturdy as two thicknesses of paper…thanks for your help and KEEP ON SCRAPIN…don’t forget to eat and sleep (Haha)

  3. Hi Ginger, is missing adjectives to describe yours wonderful works!! For me, my English is so bad, (I’m Brazilian), is more difficult … You’re wonderful! Congratulations!! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  4. Ginger this is probably one of my favorites of your minis. I’ll tell you why. 1. its all in black for the base and I think black stands out so much and it makes it look regal and rich. 2. I think Graphic 45 papers are too busy but gorgeous and I get intimidated by them. I always want to buy them but shy away because I wouldnt know how to use them .. and here you go and make this album look spectacular using their paper line. I love it!!!!


  5. This mini looks awesome Ginger! I love that paper and love how you have used it in this sweet mini!! I love how you made some of the pages have a flip out and some not, I also love the tag pages. I saw Kathy Orta do this new binding-let’s see what did she call it? Deconstructed hidden hinge I think. As always you are the queen of the minis. Happy Mother’s Day!!

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