Seam Binding Tutorial

Seam Binding Tutorial

Hello everyone! Happy Presidents Day! I have had a few requests to show how I attach my seam binding to my mini albums. So here is a quick little tutorial.

YouTube link

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Thanks for the great tutorial Ginger, I was so wondering how you had your seam binding attached. lol I thought it looked like you had loops, but that is all I could figure out. lol I’m glad you showed this, a big help! Now I can’t wait to see this mini you are working on. Loving those fabulous papers!!

  2. I also enjoyed the seam binding tutorial and want to thank you for sharing, it is really neat. Now I am wondering how you go about dying it. I have been buying all sorts of colors and still when I need a certain one I don’t have it and am thinking it may be better to learn to dye it myself if it isn’t too complicated or messy !!!!
    Thanks for all you video’s I always look so forward to all you have to share.

  3. Congratulations on 5,000 subscribers! I tried to leave a comment on youtube but it posted before I finish and edited two posts. I Appologise for two crazy posts. I appreciate all of your wonderful tutorials and videos. I have an album almost completed from the vertical Christmas paperbag tutorial. Your tutorials are so well done and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your awesome talent.pepepe

  4. Thank you for sharing how you attach the seam binding or ribbons. I like the softness of the seam binding. I will add this to the album I am making from your tutorial. Thank you, Donnap

  5. I have spent so much time trying to leave a comment to win one of your mini albums and could not get it to post. I feel so sad because I was trembling with excitement to see your give away and love your minis so very much. If a miracle would happen to choose me as a winner which is impossible I know because I could not get my post in for a chance, anyways, if it were to happen I would be willing to pay for the postage. Not sure if you even ship to Canada and it may be costly. Actually, I would be willing to buy it from you. Well this is one long post, just wanted you to know how I feel about your amazing work.
    Could this post be any more strange!!!! LOL.

  6. Is there some place where I can but the seam binding by the yard or in large quantities? I have only found it in sewing stores in small packages. Love your albums…want to start my first one doing vertical paper bag. Thanks for sharing your talents.

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