7Gypsies Conservatory Mini Album for Monique

7Gypsies Conservatory Mini Album for Monique

Hey everyone! Here is a video of a mini album that I created for Monique Mason of ButterBeeScraps. Monique and I decided to do a one on one mini album swap. Each of us put together a kit to send to the other to use for the creation of the mini album.

This mini was a HUGE challenge for me. If you aren’t aware, Monique is amazingly talented! Her creations are extraordinary to say the least, so I felt very honored that she would do a one-on-one swap with me.

Part of the challenge was that we could only use one item from our own stash for the mini. Everything had to come from the kit that we provided each other. Well, after about the third page I sent Monique an email confessing that I already had broken the rules! Oops! Of course she just laughed and wasn’t at all surprised.

I was really overwhelmed with the amount of embellishments that Monique sent. She really likes metal so she provided me with an over abundance of metal embellishments! She did warn me about that though.

Anyway, here is the video of the mini I created for Monique. So Monique, if you decide to watch the video, I hope you like what I created!

YouTube link

Thanks for watching!

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