Hairband Binding Tutorial

Hairband Binding Tutorial

Well here is the tutorial for the hairband binding that I have had several folks request. I learned how to do this type of binding from Belinda Akers. She gave me permission to do this tutorial. Thanks Belinda!

Let me know if you have any questions!

YouTube link

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Thank you so much for making this video! I made a mini last week & used hair bands. It’s pretty close to how you do yours, so I’m glad a kind of figured it out. My only question is about the eyelets. Do you use 3/16 or the large size? I used the larger ones because I was having a hard time getting the hair band through 3/16. Thank you again for sharing this. I love how the minis stay flat. (BTW, the mini I made was your Halloween mini – LOVE that paper!)

    • You are welcome! I use the extra large eyets from We R Memeroy Keepers. I think they are 3/16 but not sure. Yes, it does get kind of tough to thread the hairbands through. Glad you tried the mini album!

  2. Ginger, i am really enjoying watching you videos, but i have one request. Could you please make more tutorials. i would like to see one on the coin env. mini album. Thank for ALL of you’r HARD work.

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