Black, Red, and White Paper Bag Tag Mini Album

Black, Red, and White Paper Bag Tag Mini Album

Hey everyone, just want to share another video of a paper bag mini album I made for a friends’ daughter who is graduating this year. Her school colors are Red and White. I got the idea for the paper bag mini album from a tutorial by Steffogal1.

YouTube Link

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Steffogal1 YouTube tutorial

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  1. Lucky graduate. Love the mini, however it looks really timeconsuming to me. 🙂 How did you attach the elastic hair bands on the binding?

    • Actually it only took about 4 hours to make. I take two elastic hair bands and loop one through the other, then where they put one end through each hole from the back to the front. I then take my ribbon and tie the two hair band ends together with the ribbon. It’s really super easy. Hope this makes sense. I think I might have to do a tutorial. I’ve had several folks ask about it. I learned this technique from Belinda Akers. You can check her out on You Tube. Just do a search for hair band binding technique. Her You Tube name is Belinda Akers. Hope this helps! Thanks for the nice comments!

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