Cricut Circle pre-Swarm Dinner

Cricut Circle pre-Swarm Dinner

Ginger, my wife, went to the Cricut Circle pre-Swarm dinner last night after we spent the whole day traveling to Salt Lake City. I snapped this picture after the event. She was going to write a blurb about the dinner, but konked out from exhaustion so nary a word was written.

I guess there were around 100 people there and I got blamed for keeping her from getting a prize. You see they gave prizes to all the ladies that brought their husbands. She also informed me that every woman she talked to had purchased the Cricut Imagine from the recent HSN launch event, like it was my fault.

Anyway, I dropped her off this morning at the Cricut Circle Swarm where there was a long line to get in. She had a quick access pass from the dinner, so I hope that helped. I didn’t stick around. Today’s event lasts from 9am to 9pm. Ginger is really excited.

Anyway, just wanted to get the picture up. Nice hat, don’t you think?

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